Red River valley to have green future via innovation
In the mountainous areas in the Red River valley, south Yunnan’s Honghe County, a group of international scientists are battling hard against local poverty, employing innovative ideas in ecology and agriculture.
Main structure of Jinsha River Bridge on Lijiang-Shangrila Railway completed
The main structure of Jinsha River Bridge on Lijiang-Shangrila Railway was completed on Oct. 13, 2020, laying a solid foundation for the railway’s opening to traffic next year.
New super hybrid rice achieves high yield in Yunnan
Sea gulls begin flocking in Kunming for coming winter
Yunnan launches media tour on health assisting poverty
Buza craftwork creates a new buzz
Flower fields seen in hot-spring town, central Yunnan Heart-warming images of birds seen in Kunming Yunnan determines to be world-class tourist destination
Pictures taken on October 25 show continuous flower fields in the distinct tourist town of hot springs, central Yunnan’s Anning City. The flower varieties, including chrysanthemums, oil-seed flowers, sunflowers, roses and more, invited in flower admirers. The Kunming Golden Temple scenic spot, a 4A-level of its kind, is one of the bird-watching spots for citizens in Kunming. For its lush forest, the scenic spot is home to more than 20 species of wild birds. The provincial government expects that the total output of tourism in Yunnan will hit 2 trillion yuan in 2025. This figure is expected to reach 3.5 trillion in 2030 while tourist industry accounts for 10% of province’s GDP.
Flower fields seen in Ninger near Kunming-Bangkok highway Nujiang scenic road links SW hinterlands Patrick has a dreamy life in Yunnan
Recent online pictures show the colorful flower fields in southwest Yunnan’s Ninger Hani and Yi autonomous county, where the Kunming-Bangkok highway runs from northeast to southwest. The flower fields are said to be located near a toll station of the highway. With a length of 288.3 kilometers, the road is the only link between Gongshan county, Fugong county, and Lushui city, and benefits over 300,000 people in 17 towns. In 2013, Patrick gave up the opportunity of being the ambassador to Turkey, secluding himself to Dongchuan, the hometown of Deng, and starting to pursue his idyllic life in Yunnan.
Women with facial tattoos lead a happy life in NW Yunnan In pics: eco-beauty seen at Erhai Lake, west Yunnan Melting snow seen on Baima Snow Mountain in summer
8-element rice, sweet Yunnan snack you cannot miss Lahu villagers blaze a path of cultural development Saving food also forms an international trend
The 8-element rice, or literally eight-treasure rice, is a favored dessert dish in Yunnan, visible at weddings and funerals, in common restaurants, or even sold as a snack at roadside stalls. Laodabao is a small village tucked away in Lancang county, Pu'er city of southwest China's Yunnan province. The villagers are mostly belonging to the Lahu ethic group. While enjoying our daily meals, we should always be reminded of the efforts by those behind the foods and the grace by Mother nature.
Joss sticks light a brighter future for Tibetans Guozhuang dance lights up Tibetan festivities Ethnic Bai handicraft in vogue with innovation
Melmo, 20, and her co-workers lit Tibetan joss sticks inside a workshop in Rantang county, Sichuan province, to test their handiwork and soon the air was thick with incense. The Guozhuang dance is a favorite collective bonfire dance for Tibetans, allowing them to show respect and reverence for nature. "Buza," a traditional handicraft of China's Bai ethnic group and often associated with mystic beliefs, has gained a new prominence among locals due to its modern attributes.
Yu Xiaode and his monkey friends in Diqing prefecture
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