Shangri-La road builder moves audience in south China
The current Balagezong scenic area, where Sina Dingzhu was born, used to be a Tibetan village cut off from the civilizations outside.
7.686 billion yuan paid to ecological zones in Yunnan
As of August in 2019, Yunnan has paid a total of 7.686 billion yuan to the functioning zones across the province, a record-high increase of 24.7% over the past 6 years.
'Canadian mom' teaches virtue of volunteer work
Yunnan farmers move in new residential area
Yunnan police compete in motorcycle riding
Lao actors learn acrobatics in China
Scenery of cherry valley on Wuliang Mountain in west Yunnan People tour Lijiang ancient town that neighbors Diqing Winter in Kunming features gull-watching, sunbathing
Aerial photo taken on Dec. 11, 2019 shows the scenery of cherry valley on Wuliang Mountain in Yi Autonomous County of Nanjian, west Yunnan's Dali prefecture. People tour Lijiang ancient town, southwest China's Yunnan Province, at night Dec. 7, 2019. In winter, Kunming City in Yunnan province has bright sunshine and mild climate. Seagulls are flying over waters of the Dianchi Lake and its surrounding rivers.
First heavy snow hits Shangri-La Glossy ibis first seen in Shangri-La scenic area Shangri-La, Jiuzhaigou join hands for tourism cooperation
The first heavy snow hit Diqing prefecture on December 4, with the snowfall measured at 0.8mm per hour in Deqin County and 1.0mm in Shangri-La. It is the first time that the bird is captured in Shangri-La, northwest Yunnan, and the Napahai scenic area is by far the highest recorded habitat for the species. A delegation from Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan Province visited Shangri-La City, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and the two sides signed a framework agreement on tourism cooperation.
Shangri-La highlighted at int’l travel fair Baima Snow Mountain: A paradise in China Kinkgo leaves decorate Weixi in autumn
Tibetans celebrate Fairy Festival Creative Yi embroideries in Chuxiong Yang Liping's 'Dynamic Yunnan' to be staged in NCPA
The Fairy Festival falls on October 15 every year according to the Tibetan calendar and involves various kinds of religious activities. Featuring unique patterns and sophisticated techniques being involved, embroideries of the Yi ethnic minority are reputed as the “wearable history”. The original musical showcases different types of dances showing the features of ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province.
Tibetan craftsman keeps ancient art alive with clay figurines Famed Yunnan folk song is played by int'l orchestra Dali embroidery artworks displayed in London fashion show
For Tibetan craftsman Kelsang Tsering, the highlight of his daily work is bringing clay Buddha figurines, mostly seen in monasteries, to common households. Whenever the band singer Tetyana plays the Yunnan tune with an exotic accent, the audience present would be impressed, especially the Yunnan locals. More than 1,000 Chinese and British audiences witnessed the show and were amazed by the ingenious designs combining tradition and modern.
A good view of Shangri-La in early winter
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