Governor: Diqing takes the lead in 14-years free education
Qi said this on July 17 during a joint interview by Xinhua Net and the Yunnan office of cyberspace affairs, and topics at the interview focused on changes in the Tibetan prefecture over the past 70 years.
Flower-dressing show catches eyes in Kunming
The "Night of Flower Auction", as an integral part of the 2019 Kunming International Flower Expo (KIFE), was held in Kunming, Yunnan province on July 13.
Nearly 1,000 funerary objects unearthed in Yunnan
Long-term plan to better protect Asian elephants
Jade sales enter the era of livestreaming
Online database on camellia varieties set up
Yi people mark Hualian Festival in China's Yunnan 'Forest schools' help nature education branch out Come to Shangri-La for tasty mushrooms in July
People of the Yi ethnic group daub each other's face during Hualian ("daubed face") Festival in Qiubei County, southwest China's Yunnan Province, July 18, 2019. Children nationwide are being encouraged to interact with the living world to foster eco-awareness and protection. Beside snow-capped peaks, forests and lakes for sight seeing, the delicious wild mushrooms like matsutake also stir the taste buds of the tourists in Shangri-La.
Seven-sister roses bloom in Longtan Park, Shangri-La Jinjiang: A town of sights and relics in Shangri-La Niru Village, ideal site for hiking and camping
These days, the seven-sister roses, which belong to a rosaceae plant, are in blossom at the Longtan/dragon pond park in Shangri-La, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Falling under the jurisdiction of Shangri-La City in northwest Yunnan, Jinjiang Town is located in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River with a pleasant climate and rich produces. Dubbed“ the world's first village,”Niru Village is a traditional Tibetan village that makes an ideal site for hiking and camping in summer.
Yunnan relies on dinosaurs park to power local tourism Alpine azaleas bloom on Baima snow mountain Flower show held at Pudacuo in Shangri-La
6th China Nie Er Music Week held in Kunming, Yuxi Thangka display ritual held at Tashilhunpo Monastery Ethnic festival marked at nationalities village
Artists perform folk chorus during the opening ceremony of the 6th China Nie Er Music (Chorus) Week held at Yunnan Grand Theater in Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province, July 17, 2019. Monks attend a Thangka display ritual at the Tashilhunpo Monastery in Xigaze, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, July 15, 2019. The Kuzhazha Festival, also known as the “Minor New Year,” contains traditional rituals to express gratitude to Apimei, a god for the Hani people.
Wu Yingde: passing down the art of dough modelling Yunnan-Taiwan painting exhibit opens Special goods, merry activities at 2019 SSACEIF
Nowadays, however, people consider dough figurines more of a handicraft than as a snack. "People keep them at home as decorations," said Wu Yingde. Themed around the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), it aims to shed a new light upon the cross-Straits cultural exchanges. The 2019 South and Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair (SSACEIF) opened on June 12 in Kunming, Yunnan Province.
Copper hot pot at the Kawakarpo Tibetan restaurant
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