Mengla: poverty-stricken Yao village turned into tour destination
In the Hebian village of Mengban town in south Yunnan’s Mengla County, almost every family is running guest rooms nowadays. Here, most villagers belong to the Yao ethnic group.
Medicinal herbs enrich famers in Shangri-La
Pictures show famers harvest medicinal herbs in Heping village, northwest Yunnan’s Shangri-La city on May 19.
New database on biodiversity released
Five new animal species discovered in Yunnan
Farmers in Liming harvest garlic, earning over 100 yuan daily
Summer beauty of terraced fields in Ximeng, SW Yunnan
Villagers shake off poverty by developing rural tourism Potatso National Park: Better habitat, better living Dali prefecture aims to be destination for weddings
Residents of Xianrendong Village have shaken off poverty by developing rural tourism which takes advantage of natural resources within the Puzhehei scenic area. The park covers an area about three-quarters of the size of New York City and is home to over 6,600 indigenous people. The staff at the Potatso National Park have suggested diversifying the source of the subsidies. The Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in west Yunnan aims to be a destination for wedding ceremonies in an effort to add more drivers to local economy, according a recent news release.
11-day media journey presents west Yunnan to the world Folk culture built into urban landscape in Yunnan Xiangguqing Village epitomizes man-nature harmony
Totaling 3,200 kilometers, the grand tourist ring route in west Yunnan connects 13 prefectures and cities in the province. The journey took reporters to Lijiang, Diqing, Nujiang and others. A photo taken on May 20, 2020, shows a building with a unique local design in the autonomous county of Ximeng, Southwest China's Yunnan province. In the Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, Xiangguqing Village epitomizes the harmony between human and nature. Here the nature reserve and settlement blend into one.
Sericulture, vegetable planting change Xinzhai village in SE Yunnan Stunning aerial view of salt pans in Tibet Three Parallel Rivers lie deep in Shangri-La
Face-changing performers embrace role-changing challenges Ancient copperware craft exhibited in Yunnan Ethnic group serves up a recipe for tourism
At 6 pm on May 21, Yao Yao and his team members were dressed in traditional Sichuan opera costumes in a hot pot restaurant, ready to thrill diners with their first face-changing show since the outbreak of COVID-19. An exhibition on silver-inlaid black copperware is taking place at the Yunnan Nationalities Museum from May 18, featuring 126 art items and a live demonstration from a lineage holder in the making of black copperware. The Deng people were once tribal people. They lived in the virgin forests in the southeastern part of Tibet and led primitive lifestyles.
Beautiful bookshop” opens branch in Shaxi, Dali Uncle Six and Hengyugong, a century-old house in Lijiang Xuanwei ham, a unique flavor in east Yunnan
Librairie Avant-Garde, as a well-known chain bookshop based in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, opened its 16th branch in Shaxi township, Dali, northwest Yunnan province, on May 1. In the hustle and bustle of the old town of Lijiang, northwest Yunnan, there is an old Naxi house built in 1875. The owner of the house is named Li Junxing. For a leg weighing 20 kilograms, you need to sprinkle on it half a kilo of edible salt. Then rub it by hand repeatedly, so that the salt can worm its way into the flesh.
Beautiful snowscape seen in Shangri-La City
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