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Tibetans celebrate Fairy Festival

The Fairy Festival falls on October 15 every year according to the Tibetan calendar and involves various kinds of religious activities....


Creative Yi embroideries in Chuxiong

Featuring unique patterns and sophisticated techniques being involved, embroideries of the Yi ethnic minority are reputed as the “wearable history”....


Yang Liping's 'Dynamic Yunnan' to be staged in NCPA

The original musical showcases different types of dances showing the features of ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province. ...


Tibetan craftsman keeps ancient art alive with clay figurines

For Tibetan craftsman Kelsang Tsering, the highlight of his daily work is bringing clay Buddha figurines, mostly seen in monasteries, to common households....


Famed Yunnan folk song is played by int'l orchestra

Whenever the band singer Tetyana plays the Yunnan tune with an exotic accent, the audience present would be impressed, especially the Yunnan locals....


Dali embroidery artworks displayed in London fashion show

More than 1,000 Chinese and British audiences witnessed the show and were amazed by the ingenious designs combining tradition and modern....


Xianzi festival held at Meili Snow Mountain

The 2nd Meili Snow Mountain Xianzi Festival was held in Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture this morning, bringing an audio-visual feast to the audience....


Mountain-worshiping held as scheduled in Niru village

The Mountain-worshiping and Horse racing Festival was held as scheduled in the Niru village of Shangri-La City on October 13, which is also the 15th day of the ninth month according to the traditional Tibetan calendar....


Thangka center in Shangri-La popular among visitors

During the National Day holiday, droves of tourists visited the Shangri-La Thangka Center, also Shangri-La Association for the Protection of Ethnic Cultural Heritages, for the art of Thangka painting....


A glance at Tibet's largest survey of ancient books

Among the filed books, 291 have been selected for inclusion on the list of valuable ancient books of the state. A dozen of books on survey results have also been published....


Traditional Honghe crafts on display in Diqing

An exhibition featuring traditional crafts of bronze, silver, pottery and tin from south Yunnan’s Honghe prefecture is going on in Diqing, northwest Yunnan. ...


In pics: Tibetan-style black clay pottery in Diqing

Photo taken on Sept. 17, 2019 shows Tibetan-style black clay pottery pieces in Nixi Township, the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Deqen, northwest Yunnan Province. ...


Would you like a cup of tea?

For centuries, tea from the East has kept enchanting the Western world as a mysterious and delicate drink. Some even praise it as the “Green Gold”....


Traditional Tibetan costume revives in Shangri-La

At the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in 2017, a set of traditional Tibetan costumes impressed the public a lot. ...


Every sip is a new journey – Tibetan highland barley wine

Tibetan highland barley wine, also called "Qiang" in the Tibetan language, is a unique beverage that is widely enjoyed by local Tibetans....


Iconic dancer Yang Liping brings grand production to Edinburgh

A household name in China, Yang descends from the Bai ethnic group out of Dali, Yunnan province. She is a first-class national dancer, and the vice-chairman of the China Dancers Association....


Artists perform Tibetan Opera in cultural festival

An artist from Lhozhag County performs Tibetan Opera during a cultural festival in Shannan, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Aug. 17, 2019. ...


Making a song and dance about it

Taking place across the ethnic Tibetan regions of China, traditional Guozhuang battles feature hundreds of colorfully dressed performers singing in complex group styles....


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