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Pear Blossom

Pear blossom appear every corner at the Yugel village in Benzilan town of Deqen county,in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture on March 16th ,2022....


Deqin was transformed into a magical fairy tale world.

After the snow, Deqin was transformed into a magical fairy tale world....


Yubeng Village in Snow

Yubeng Village in Winter Snow. It resembles a secluded fairyland ...


Xiaozhongdian Town celebrate Dala Farmers' Harvest Festival

Dala Festival "is a traditional folk festival in Xiaozhongdian Town,This Harvest Festival activities consists of characteristic agricultural product exhibitions, exciting cultural performances, horse racing activities, traditional Tibetan clothing wearing competitions, and bonfire parties, presenting a grtifying scene of the harvest....


Common Redshank

The ​common redshank is a migratory bird in Diqing Prefecture. ...


The Secret Realm Meili Fashion show is staged under the Meri Snow Mountain

The cultural and tourism series activities of "Top of Colorful Clouds·Deqin Secret Realm Meili Fashion show" were held under the Meri Snow Mountain in Deqin....


Stellera Flowers blooming on the grassland

The beauty of Shangri-La in summer is hidden in the wild flowers on the grassland....


Black Drongo

In Diqing Prefecture, the Black Drongo is a summer migratory bird that migrates from low altitude southern areas to the riverbank valley areas below 2500 meters above sea level to breed before and after the Qingming Festival every year. Then flies south to overwinter around October....


Shangeri-La Discovered Isoetes hypsophila

Recently, researchers from the Shangri-La Alpine Botanical Garden and the Kunming Arboretum of the Yunnan Academy of Forestry and Grassland Sciences discovered a national level key protected wild plant,the Isoetes hypsophila, which is a very small population of wild plants in Yunnan Province....


Lotus flowers are blooming in Gran Village, Shangjiang Township

In August, lotus flowers are blooming in Gran Village, Shangjiang Township of Shangri-La....


the mountains and forests of Shangri La are blazed with color

In late autumn, the mountains and forests of Shangri-La are blazed with color....


Autumn view of Wudi Lake

Wudi Lake is located at Langdu village of Gezan Township in Shangri-la City.Let's enjoy the autumn time of highland lake through the following video and pictures....


The scenery by the Jinsha River is picturesque

The autumn scenery is picturesque along the Jinsha River in Shangri La . ...


Various regions welcome a bumper harvest season in Diqing

Various regions welcome a bumper harvest season in Diqing. ...


the 24 solar terms|The Tibetan anchor of Diqing Daily spoke of the solar terms :Cold Dew

Cold Dew is the 17th solar term of the 24 solar terms. ...


Qizong Village, Tacheng Town, Weixi County: Villagers are busy harvesting rice

Recently, villagers in Qizong Village, Tacheng Town, Weixi County were busy harvesting rice....


【There is a life called Yunnan·Shangri-La of the world】In the late autumn of Shangri La, feel the beauty of the Napa Lake

Autumn in October, the autumn rendering incisively and vividly, the most beautiful color spread in Shangri-La....


The morning mist of Shangri La is as a fairyland

Autumn morning, Shangri-La is shrouded in mist....


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