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Diqing inheritor (6) Zhuoma and her devotion to Tibetan costume making

“Though I am the eldest among five daughters at home, my parents rarely ask me to do housework. They instead prefer me to sew Tibetan costumes and that is their only requirement for me,” Zhuoma said....


Diqing inheritor (8) Li Biqing passes down Achimugua with daily pleasure

“Families here slaughter pigs before the Chinese New Year to celebrate harvest. It is also a time of reunion for relatives and friends, and they’ll sing and dance Achimugua then. The lyrics of the show should involve moments in the whole year,” said Li Biqing on Aug. 29....


Diqing inheritor (7) Li Lihua dances Reba in Tacheng for blessing, happiness

“The Reba dancing in Tacheng used to be a pray for blessing. Now, we dance to show our happy life,” said Li Lihua, a Reba inheritor at the prefectural level....


Diqing inheritor (5) Zhao Yanzu sings Dacixi opera in Weixi mountains

Rain ceased and a rainbow appeared. In a small rural yard, gongs and drums sounded and six performers moved to the yard center, dancing to the beat and waving yellow banners....


Diqing inheritor (4) Asang and the Guozhuang dance

"It is said that people here learn to speak and sing at the same time and they can dance as long as they can walk. So, is it ture that you have been dancing Guozhuang since childhood?" We asked....


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