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The Beautiful Diqing plateau

Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture ,means an auspicious place in Tibetan and governed three Countys including Weixi Lisu Autonomous County with Deqin County and Shangri-la City.It located on the northwest of Yunnan Province....


GLOBALink | "What's good for China is good for world": experts on CPC congress

"With China emphasizing win-win cooperation, what's good for China is good for the world."...


Foreign language experts: a report to change China, influence the world

Foreign language experts were invited to translate and polish the report delivered to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on Sunday. As the first foreigners to see the document, some of them shared with us their views on this landmark report....


Deqin's development in ten years

Deqin County located in northwest of Yunnan Province's Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.Deqin is in the center area of Three Parallel Rivers of World natural heritage and the gene pool of biodiversity conservation .There are many beautiful snowmountains,forests and valleys of China in this area .It is also the peaceful home of multi-ethnics living and multi-religious coexistence ....


Shangri-la:a peaceful and mysterious paradise

​People come from across China and over the world explore the Shangri-la of Yunnan province to discover its unique beauty .What is Shangri-la like in your heart?Let's see the real Shangri-la by the video....


PLA launches joint military operations around Taiwan island

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theater Command has launched a series of military operations near Taiwan island starting from the night of August 2....


Welcome to the Shangri-la of the World

Shangri-la city,located at the northwest of Yunnan province.The best season in Shangri-la is summer time,keep tempreture at 21 degree average.Recently,with the tourism recovery ,Shangri-la will become one of the best places to escape the summer heat ....


View of Songtsamlin Monastery

Songtsamlin Monastery is located between two villages,the Conggulong and kena village which far from city 5 KM .It is the biggest Tibetan buddhist temple in Yunnan. It's also a famous scenic area in Shangri-la,Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture....


Tibetan Costum Show

Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture ,located in northwest of Yunnan province,have enriched cultural resources.There are 26 different minorities living this region,and the costum is one of the best resources to show different ethnic culture.In Diqing,tibetan have different costum at different region even between two different townships....


Colorful Lily in blossom

Miles of colorful Lily in blossom at Sanjia village ,Weixi county's Yongchun township....


Apricot Harvest Season In Benzilan

The Apricots are ripe in Benzilan in Deqen County,Yunnan province....


White Water Terrace

The White Water Terrace is located at Baidi village of Sanba township,Shangri-la city in Yunnan province.It is the birthplace of Dongba religion of Naxi people....


Pear Blossom at Spring



Sring time at Diqing Highland

The Sring time is coming quietly at Diqing highland ....


Have you seen variety clouds in Shangri-la

Mountains、Lakes、landscapes at Diqing highland are ​necessarily to visiting and exploring ,but the another view of clouds should be catched .let's enjoy the different clouds of Shangri-la....


The Meri Snow Mountain Sunrise

The Meri Snow Mountain is located in the Deqin County ,Diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture,Yunnan province ....


Winter Morning of Napa Lake

Napa Lake is one of biggest grassland and landscape with plateau characteristics in Shangri-la,Diqing highland,Yunnan Province. Meanwhile,it is the overwintering habitat of Black-necked crane and other birds....


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