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Diqing prefecture offers incentives to winter tourists

Diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province is introducing incentives to encourage visits by tourists this winter, its vice-governor, Wang Yuxiu, told a news conference in Beijing on Friday. ...


Sight-seeing at Tiger Leaping Gorge between Lijiang, Diqing

The Tiger Leaping Gorge features towering peaks and deep valleys, as well as majestic and spectacular landscape. ...


Bala village: Tourism development brings big changes in life

Surrounded by snow mountains, including the 5,545m Gezong peak, the village was cut off from outside world until 1970s, when a narrow pass was digged in the cliffs....


In pics: Sight-seeing boom at Potatso National Park

Photos taken on August 18 show tourists go sight-seeing at the Shudu Lake, an alpine grassland and the Bita Lake in the Potatso National Park, northwest Yunnan's Shangri-La City....


In pics: Great Bend of the Jinsha River

The Jinsha River is the upper section of the Yangtze River, so named because of its abundant deposits of gold sand. Totally 2.316 km, Jinsha River stretches from Yushu of Qinghai in the west to Yibin of Sichuan in the east....


In pics: Sumtseling temple lures US tourists with grand view

Images taken on August 16 morning show four tourists from Washington D.C. of the United States pose for a group photo with the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery of Shangri-La as a background....


Monkey watching in Tacheng national park attracts droves of tourists

With a variety of a lush and verdant plants, the forest park is home to around 500 monkeys, or 20 percent of the known individuals in the world. ...


Rare! Meili snow mountain coupled with double rainbow

Located in Diqing's Deqin County, the Meili snow mountain attracts an increasing number of tourists from home and abroad in recent years....


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