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Niru Village, ideal site for hiking and camping

Dubbed“ the world's first village,”Niru Village is a traditional Tibetan village that makes an ideal site for hiking and camping in summer....


Chazhiluo village: a good place to pick blueberries

The 107-Chinese acres of blueberries in the village of Chazhiluo, Pantiange Township in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, have already matured, bringing in visitors and berry pickers....


Flower show held at Pudacuo in Shangri-La

The Pudacuo national park in Shangri-La, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, recently held a flower show to entertain tourists....


Guardian of Baima Snow Mountain in NW Yunnan

​"Here we have not only Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys but also leopards," said our guide Tibu, a ranger of the Baima Snow Mountain National Nature Reserve....


Shangri-La: where flower fields meet snow peaks

After a long stay in the city, most of us want to get away for breeze and sunshine on the plateau, wandering in flower fields in the country side....


A dream journey through Eurasia (6): Setbacks

"Many things are unknown, and we don't know what will happen next, especially when you’re riding on the way." A Chinese rider said....


Azalea blossoms enliven Shangri-La in May

In late April and May each year, the wild azalea fields along the tourist routes extend for 50 plus kilometers in Shangri-La of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, forming a spectacular sight....


A dream journey through Eurasia (5): Riding eastward

In an ordinary Turkish town likeTosya, you can also feel the progress and economic dividend shared by the people along the Silk Road....


Vernal scenery seen in Shangri-La on start of summer

Summer began on May 6 according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar that divides the year into 24 solar terms....


New homes in remote Yunnan village to welcome tourists

In a remote hillside village of China's Yunnan province, villagers are readying a grand reopening to welcome back tourists this September, following a two-year hiatus....


Seeing Dali on a bike makes top choice for tourists

Cycling around Dali's Erhai Lake is relaxing and suitable for individual travelers, who can also experience folk customs of the Bai ethnic people living along the bank....


A dream journey through Eurasia (4): A little regret

In the riding team, Carl is a case in point. Aged 70, he is years eldest among the motorists. Karl loves motorcycles, and it is his lifelong dream to ride through the Eurasian continent....


Nujiang River in Bingzhongluo Town in NW Yunnan

Aerial photo taken on April 27, 2019 shows a view of the Nujiang River in Bingzhongluo Town in Gongshan Dulong and Nu Autonomous County....


A dream journey through Eurasia (3): Departure from Munich

On the day when they set out on the road, the international riders checked everything in detail. Before the departure, Hendrik told other motorists about the routes for the coming four days....


Breathtaking purple jacaranda in Kunming

Blooming blue jacaranda attracts tourists nationwide, who pour into Kunming city in Southwest China's Yunnan province every April....


A dream journey through Eurasia (2): Getting ready

Dream pursuers belong to the brave. Even if you have a dream, you may still not be sure what is in store in the future. Only time can tell....


Nakeli: key stop on the ancient Tea-Horse Road

Located in Tongxin Town of southwest Yunnan’s Ninger Hani and Yi Autonomous County, Nakeli used to be a key stop on the ancient Tea-Horse Road. ...


A dream journey through Eurasia (1) Qucuo meets Hendrik

​At that time, Danzhen Qucuo was not sure when her dream would come true, nor did she know where her Mr. Right in the future could come from....


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