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Villagers shake off poverty by developing rural tourism

Residents of Xianrendong Village have shaken off poverty by developing rural tourism which takes advantage of natural resources within the Puzhehei scenic area. ...


Potatso National Park: Better habitat, better living

The park covers an area about three-quarters of the size of New York City and is home to over 6,600 indigenous people. The staff at the Potatso National Park have suggested diversifying the source of the subsidies....


Dali prefecture aims to be destination for weddings

The Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in west Yunnan aims to be a destination for wedding ceremonies in an effort to add more drivers to local economy, according a recent news release....


11-day media journey presents west Yunnan to the world

Totaling 3,200 kilometers, the grand tourist ring route in west Yunnan connects 13 prefectures and cities in the province. The journey took reporters to Lijiang, Diqing, Nujiang and others....


Folk culture built into urban landscape in Yunnan

A photo taken on May 20, 2020, shows a building with a unique local design in the autonomous county of Ximeng, Southwest China's Yunnan province....


Xiangguqing Village epitomizes man-nature harmony

In the Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, Xiangguqing Village epitomizes the harmony between human and nature. Here the nature reserve and settlement blend into one. ...


Azalea appreciatoin in Diqing Tibetan prefecture

As one of the main distribution areas of azaleas in Yunnan, the Diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture is particularly rich in azaleas. Azaleas here are wildly grown across mountains and hills. ...


Vibrant plant life returns to deep mountains

Deep in the mountains on the outskirts of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, diverse plants at different altitudes are gradually regaining vitality despite the changeable weather. ...


Tourism aids ethnic village's fight against poverty

"We can barely stand after a day's work," Yu said. "This partly makes up for our loss during the Spring Festival holiday when all our bookings were canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak."...


Diqing prefecture ushers in 1st tourist group since Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 outbreak months ago, not a single suspected or confirmed case has been reported in this scenic Tibetan prefecture. ...


This spring, Lijiang is waiting for you

After closing for months due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many scenic spots in northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang city have reopened to tourists recently....


April sees flowering sights in Shangri-La

In the Hongqi village of Hutiaoxia(tiger-leaping gorge) Town, the flowering azaleas form a wonderful sight in breeze....


Songzanlin scenic area re-opens on April 1

Starting on April 1, the Songzanlin lamasery in northwest Yunnan’s Diqing resumed service to tourists, meaning all the scenic areas across the Tibetan autonomous prefecture have reopened....


Spring landscapes are seen in Shizong, east Yunnan

The Wulong township in Shizong County, east Yunnan’s Qujing City presented picturesque landscapes, with its lush hills and lucid waters drawing in tourists....


In pics: Pear blossom presents beauty in south Yunnan

Recent aerial photos show beautiful pear blossom in Jiajizhai Village of Jijie Town, south Yunnan’s Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture....


Beautiful Jinsha riverside in Diqing prefecture

Pictures taken by local reporters show the amazing vernal views on the sides of the Jinsha River section in northwest Yunnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture....


Flowers are blooming near Yangzong Lake in Kunming

Online pictures show beautiful flowers are blooming near the Yangzonghai Lake in Kunming, capital city of Yunnan province....


Spring in Yunnan decorated by beautiful flowers

Binchuan County in west Yunnan’s Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture features street-side kapok trees that are dotted with fiery red flowers on the branches. ...


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