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Top political advisor stresses poverty alleviation in Tibet

China's top political advisor Wang Yang has underlined the efforts to win the battle against poverty in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region....


Yunnan tops Chinese provincial regions in H1 GDP growth

Yunnan Province reported the fastest GDP growth in the first half (H1) of this year in China as the country's west region accelerates in unleashing growth potential, official data showed....


Image of thousand-year-old hemlock unveiled in Dali

Dubbed Yunnan king hemlock, this 1,100-year-old tree was demonstrated by colored picture on a gigantic 15-meter-long poster at the venue....


Xi calls for conquering 'last fortresses of poverty' in NW China

Chinese President Xi Jinping underscored efforts to push forward poverty alleviation, promote high-quality development, enhance environmental protection, and ensure and improve people's well-being....


An 'early spring' hidden in the summer of Shangri-La

"Primula" is a Latin word for "early spring," but for the mountains of Shangri-La where the altitude is over 3,000 meters above sea level, the colorful primula plants thrive in late June....


Shangri-La village hosts first matsutake festival

The first Shangri-La matsutake festival was held August 17 at the Jidi hamlet of Jiantang Town, Shangri-La City in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture....


85th Mekong River joint patrol begins

The 85th Mekong River joint patrol led by China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand started Tuesday from Jingha Port in southwest China's Yunnan Province....


Culture blossoms at Beijing Garden Expo Park

By attending the festival, I have encountered a lot of dance styles I have never seen before and I have learned much about dances from different countries....


China maintains steady economic performance in July

China maintained a steady economic performance in July with economic growth at a reasonable range, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said on Wednesday....


Weishan joins hands with OCT in hosting Torch Festival

The 2019 Weishan International Torch Festival took place in west Yunnan’s in Weishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County from July 26 to 28....


Yunnan pines is facing a challenge

Both endemic to southwest China, Yunnan pines and Gaoshan pines often mix and grow in the same forest. One of the best ways to distinguish them is from their pine needles....


An aerial view of one of the world's highest cities

Elevated 3,650 meters and lying in the center of the Tibetan Plateau, Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world, with its surrounding mountains rising to 5,500 meters....


Nation helping world to create shared future

Since Xi Jinping was elected as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee in November 2012 and president of China in March 2013, the country's diplomacy has opened new prospects and achieved new progress....


Hunting for precious matsutake in the Shangri-La forest

Tibetan forager Yangzom Drolma gets up early in the morning to hunt for one of the most precious mushrooms in the world, the matsutake mushroom, also known as the pin mushroom....


Grape growing enriches farmers in central Yunnan

"My family has grown 8 mu (about half a hectare) of red grapes this year, with an expected yield of 32 tons in all,” said Shen Chunyi, a grape farmer living in Huangguayuan township, central Yunnan’s Yuanmou county....


17 workers missing after rock collapse

Seventeen people were confirmed missing after a rock collapse in Southwest China's Sichuan province on Wednesday, the rescue team said on Thursday....


Xi calls for continuing ecological efforts

President Xi Jinping underscored the importance of ecological conservation in the nation's drive for high-quality development during his inspection tour of Gansu province on Wednesday....


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