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Yunnan foreign trade grows at record-high rate in 2018

The 2019 Yunnan Commerce Work Conference was held in the provincial capital of Kunming on February 21. Zhao Ruijun, Director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce, delivered a work report....


China moves fast toward winning battle against poverty by 2020

China has made "important and decisive achievements" in poverty relief in the past six years, and will continue its efforts this year to lay a solid foundation for winning the battle against poverty by 2020....


Tibetan Buddhist monks perform during Cham dance ritual

Tibetan Buddhist monks perform during a Cham dance ritual at the Qoide Monastery in Gonggar County of Shannan Prefecture, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Feb. 19, 2019....


Tibet's foreign trade stable in 2018

Foreign trade in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region was stable in 2018. Official data showed that Tibet's import and export volume totaled 4.75 billion yuan ($701 million) last year....


Diqing opens 1st trial 5G base station

The 5G base station is a milestone in improving Diqing’s information service and spurring digital economy in the prefecture....


Palace Museum opens Lantern Festival night tours

The Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, has extended its opening hours on Tuesday, allowing the public to celebrate the Lantern Festival at night in the ancient palace for the first time....


Blood-donation month launched in Kunming

The 4th Kunming Civil Servants Blood Donation Month was launched on February 20 at the municipal auditorium, in an effort to relieve the strained blood-supply at Kunming Blood Center....


10 years: Diqing millionaire builds a road to common prosperity

When we met face-to-face on February 5th, he was back with his mother to their hometown—Bala Village in the Balagezong Grand Canyon, Shangri-la City....


Rice dumplings sell well in Shangri-La supermarkets

On February 18, local residents bought rice dumplings at supermarkets in Shangri-La City, northwest Yunnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture....


Over 13,000 ancient books registered in Tibet:

So far, the survey has covered 1,160 ancient book collecting sites, including monasteries, museums, universities and individual homes....


Tibetans celebrate Shangjiu Festival

People of Tibetan ethnic group perform during the Shangjiu Festival at the foot of Jiajin Mountain in the Tibetan Township of Qiaoqi in Ya'an City, southwest China's Sichuan Province....


"World's Shangri-La" cultural show debuts at Kunming Airport

The “World's Shangri-La” cultural-tourism promotion was officially launched at Kunming Changshui International Airport on January 11. ...


'Permanent closure' of Mt. Qomolangma reserve denied

Authorities in China's Tibet autonomous region have denied the "permanent closure" of Mount Qomolangma National Nature Reserve....


Xi meets Chang'e-4 mission representatives

Chinese President Xi Jinping met representatives of space scientists and engineers who participated in the research and development of the Chang'e-4 mission. ...


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